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Instant Sales Letters for DJs

Need a powerful sales letter fast?
These sales letters are for you.

"These sales letters are phenomenal!
First of all, they make my life so much easier. I get a lead, find the letter I need, make a few tweaks to fit my business and boom, the work is done. And best of all, they work. The response I get is great. I sent out one of the corporate letters last year, and the response I got was huge."~
Rob - Rob Peters Entertainment~

Ten Distinct Sales Letter Collections for DJs

Words Matter. Make Every Word Count.

Are you ever at a loss about what to say in a sales letter, email, or on your website to sell your services? Tom Quiner has made it easy for you. He has written 10 volumes to promote your business to brides, the corporate market, school dances, mitzvahs, and more. There are letters to promote DJ Entertainment, Photobooth, Uplighting, Bubble Parties and much more. Each collection is $35. Buy all 10 and save $100. (scroll down to the last "add to cart button" to purchase all 10). Purchase them online and we will email them to you within 24 hours and usually within the hour.

The newest, most up-t0-date collections are at the top, starting with Volume Ten.

All collections written by Tom Quiner.

Vol. Ten - $35

 Thank-you Cards for DJs

The use of thank you cards doubles response in follow-up marketing campaigns. The simplest way to build your business is to say thank-you.

Take advantage of the power of this traditional expression of gratitude that everyone appreciates receiving.

7 ways to use Thank-You Cards:

  1. To thank new clients who just booked you.
  2. To thank vendors who referred a client to you.
  3. To thank clients who referred you to their friends.
  4. To thank bridal show promoters for producing a successful show for vendors.
  5. To thank members of the media who quote you.
  6. To thank members of the media who give you news coverage or a feature story.
  7. To thank wedding vendors for their professionalism at the weddings at which you mutually provide services.

Thank-you cards work best if you jot a quick, personal note.  But what do you say? We’ve made it easy.  We’ve written a collection of “Instant Thank-You Letters” to help get you started.  We will include it FREE with any order of thank you cards. View the designs HERE.

Vol. Nine - $35

Attention-Getting Emails for Attention Deficit Brides

A dozen fresh, new e-mail letters that promote your services to attention-deficit future brides!

You know how challenging it is to cut through the e-mail glut.  These e-mail letters use unconventional attention-getters to rivet brides on your message.

Looking for more wedding bookings?  Looking for more web traffic?  Looking for more phone calls? This volume is for you!

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Vol. Eight - $35

The Special Services Collection

17 Hard-hitting, persuasive, and compelling marketing letters and text to promote these special services:

  • Karaoke (3 letters)
  • Bubble Parties (2 letters)
  • Ceremony Music (2 letters)
  • Officiant Services (2 letters)
  • Photo Booth (2 letters)
  • Airbrush Tattoos & Body Art (2 letters)
  • Casino Parties (2 letters)
  • Carnival Games (2 letters)

You'll receive one e-mail Sales Letter and a page of Text for your Website for each of these services.

For little more than two bucks a letter, you will be poised to turn each of these services into a vibrant, new profit-center.

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Vol. Seven - $35

Bridal show email follow up campaign

10 all-new e-mail letters for bridal show follow-up

  • Mix-and-match strategies to fit your style & personality.
  • Tight, well-written letters that drive more brides to your website.
  • Generate more phone inquiries from the hottest prospects.
  • Ridiculously creative approaches to help your e-mail messages cut through the glut.

Free Bonus: 4 compelling telemarketing scripts for leaving follow-up phone messages.

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Volume Six - $35

Venue Referral Letters

  • 10 letters that target other wedding vendors to generate more referral business.
  • Letters target hotels, caterers, country clubs, photographers, wedding consultants & coordinators.
  • Collection includes all-purpose letters that can target any type of wedding vendor.
  • Promotes DJ services, Photobooth, & uplighting to wedding businesses in the position of recommending you. Turn your fellow wedding professionals into your biggest source of new business with professionally-crafted letters that open doors for you.

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Volume Five - $35

"Photobooth, Uplighting, & DJ Collection

  • 4 dazzling sales letters that promote Photobooth to brides.
  • 4 e-mail letters adapted from the letters above.
  • Another letter that promotes Photobooth, uplighting, and DJ services.
  • Matching e-mail letter adapted from the letter above.
  • Photobooth letters targeting corporate and school prospects.
  • A very compelling sales letter promoting uplighting.
  • A collection of short blurbs to post on your Facebook page from time-to-time to spark conversation on Photobooth.
  • Additional great Photobooth, uplighting, and DJ sales text to put in your Sales Kit or on your website.
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Volume Four - $35

The Referral Campaign

Need more sales? Past customers are your best source for new business.

  • 12 new letters to send to your past wedding, mitzvah, and corporate clients.
  • Unleash more referrals than you can handle!
  • Includes a 10-part post-wedding campaign consisting of e-mail and direct mail.

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Volume Three - $35

DJ, Photobooth, and Uplighting Letters

How do you fight price issues?  With words.  So much of marketing depends on what you say, whether if it's on your website, in an email, or a sales letters.

Instant Sales Letters for DJs, Volume Three, introduces 23 new killer sales letters that target brides.

You'll love the way they take on price shoppers head on.

You'll cheer the way these letters persuade brides with a potent blend of clarity, logic, and emotion.

And you'll be inspired at the way good old fashioned honesty is not only the best policy, it is a critical sales tool when trying to persuade.

Looking to make your website, e-mails, and sales kits work a whole lot better?  Order Instant Sales Letters for DJs, Volume Three today.

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Volume Two - $35

Sales & email letters for corporate and holiday parties in addition to 10 letters that target brides

  • 14 Sales letters that target corporate events and holiday parties.
  • 8 e-mail marketing strategies
  • 4 marketing articles on how to build your business including:
  • “Eliminate Brides’ Indecision … NOW! Utilize marketing strategies that turn you into the bride’s ally by reducing her stress.”
  • “How to fight price.”
  • “How to get more hotels, catering halls, and country clubs to refer you.”
  • 10 sales letters that target brides.
  • Website copy ideas for your home page, contact, mitzvah, corporate, school dance, price, and wedding pages.

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Volume One - $35

This volume is packed with copy that will boost your bookings and profits:

  • The “No Frills” sales letter to brides
  • 3 Mitzvah letters
  • 8 E-mail letters
  • Declaration of Customer Appreciation Statement
  • The Low-key e-mail campaign
  • The “Tough Question” sales letter
  • The “What Really Matters” sales letter
  • 15 more letters promoting your services for weddings, school dances, anniversaries, festivals & parties.

BONUS: 5 Marketing Articles, including:

  • How to Get More Business from Corporate Prospects
  • 5 Steps to More Profitable Marketing Now
  • How to Fight Cutthroat Web Competition
  • How to Get Your Competitors to Increase Their Prices
  • How & Why to Use Direct Mail in Marketing to Brides

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Get all ten volumes for $250 and save $100

 Order by phone:  515-276-9266.   We will email the letters to you within 24 hours and usually much sooner.

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